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Tribute to Femininity

The exhibition at the Kremlin Museum

Celebrating the Roman jewels on display in the Bvlgari, Tribute to Femininity exhibition at the Kremlin Museum in Moscow, from 7 September 2018 - 13 January 2019. Bvlgari high jewellery was born from the fusion between the brand's heritage Italian roots and a contemporary aesthetic.
One of the most impressive pieces in the exhibition is the 1972 gold Sautoir with blue and yellow sapphires, agate, citrines and diamonds. Every jewel photographed is the expression of the personality of the woman who is wearing it.
A gold necklace and pendant earring set. Designed in 1967, this combination of sapphires, emeralds, rubies and diamonds moved away from the traditional French school of jewellery that was popular at the time to forge its own Italian rules. Fast-forward to today, and the same daring colour combinations reflect Bvlgari's unmistakable jewellery design aesthetic.
Bvlgari's directional craftsmanship is evident with the gold Sautoir, featuring emeralds, rubies and diamonds. This is one of the masterpieces on display in the Kremlin, with its adaptability showcased throughout the images. Whether it's teamed with extravagant eveningwear, double-wrapped to add an elegant edge to luxe sportswear or elevating everyday basics, this piece brings character to any look.
Combining Ancient Rome with modern-day Rome, the Tubogas choker comes from a private collection and features two-colour gold embellished with Greek silver coins and diamonds. In Ancient Rome, the practice of mounting coins in jewellery dates back to the first century AD, but Bvlgari's interpretation sees the antique coin contrasted with polished shine to create a timeless piece that looks as contemporary today as it did in 1974 when it was made.
Through this mix and match of jewels designed over the decades, this photoshoot in honour of the Kremlin exhibition shows how Bvlgari's time-honoured heritage meets modern cool. Bvlgari is as relevant to the quickly evolving styles of today as it always has been, with Bvlgari jewels continuing to pay tribute to the different definitions of women's beauty throughout the ages.