New Curiosity Shop in Rome

Images from the new shop in Via dei Condotti

The New Curiosity Shop is the concept store opened by Bulgari in December in Via dei Condotti in Rome, officially inaugurated on 31 January. It represents the creativity of the company, the challenge to exceed its limits, and in particular targets the young generations with a contemporary makeover of the appeal of the Old Curiosity Shop. This name, chosen by Sotirio Bulgari for his first store in Via dei Condotti at the turn of the twentieth century and taken from a novel by Charles Dickens, is how Bulgari has decided to renew its cultural and creative matrix at this new address in Palazzo Maruscelli Lepri.

Curiosity is the keyword. Collections in antique cabinets de curiosité gain a new-found modernity that is even futuristic: rarities, pieces of art, exotic and scientific finds, collected down through the ages from many different cultures and geographies around the globe, these assortments of marvellous objects have always been a source of inspiration, creativity and innovation. Opposites generate harmony: tradition merges with contemporaneity and the future, the boldness of colour contrasts with the pureness of white, apparently opposite spaces prove to be two faces of the same coin. The Cabinet of curiosities, a vibrant, modern Wunderkammer, is where this brand’s expressive daring and experimental soul are revealed, together with its imaginary and continually changing universe. A series of themed rooms include a welcoming Tailor’s Room, for active participation and personalised creations by Bulgari and a futuristic Technology enclave for interaction with Bulgari creations on an interactive table.