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The bridge between the craftsmanship of the past and the innovation of the future

At Bvlgari, we are committed to developing excellence through enriching initiatives for students and professionals who wish to discover the distinctive Bvlgari savoir-faire. Our goal is to offer you unique exposure to and immersion in our innovative universe, helping you envision your future. 

What can you expect?

You will have the chance to deep dive into the world Bvlgari through engaging learning opportunities and exciting initiatives in partnership with distinctive schools and universities. 

Our growth programmes

Transmit our craftsmanship to the artisans of tomorrow

We have consolidated partnerships with prestigious national and international goldsmithing schools in order to create a unique jewellery training programme for the next generation of goldsmiths and gem setters. We welcome artisans with different levels of experience to participate in our bespoke, full-time courses dedicated to craftsmanship. 

Cultivating curiosity and innovation

At Bvlgari, we want to stimulate curiosity, hunger for knowledge, and a desire to be part of an innovative ecosystem.  Early career professionals and students can take part in Hackathons, special projects and experiences where they can express their creative and entrepreneurial spirit.

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