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​ The cut enhances the diamond’s ability to capture and reflect light to reveal all of its splendor and brilliance. To achieve perfection, the diamond cutter skillfully uses a precise reciprocal geometric ratio to determine every facet and angle of the stone. The same attention to symmetry, polish and proportion contributes to the overall appearance of a cut diamond. As a result, the diamond becomes a veritable mirror of light dispersion, acquiring maximum value and brilliance. Only stones cut with the right proportions and finish become Bulgari diamonds. Bulgari uses the GIA cut grade scale, which ranges from Excellent to Poor. For single round diamonds set into Bridal jewels, Bulgari only selects stones with the best cut grades: Excellent to Very Good. ​

Three engagment and weeding rings in platinum with diamond

​ When you say diamond, people usually picture a round brilliant cut, which has 58 carefully aligned facets (57 if the culet is excluded). However, the majority of the world’s most famous diamonds are fancy cut. Bulgari’s jewelry collection features several fancy-cut diamonds, including the emerald, pear, oval, and heart. A fancy cut must not only be symmetrical, but also gracefully elegant and attractive: what Bulgari buyers refer to as “visual appeal.” Bulgari’s fancy-cut diamonds not only have the best proportions and finish to ensure maximum brilliance and dispersion, but they also have the right “visual appeal”. ​

Image of precious diamond selection.


Two amazing Bvlgari Diamonds engagement rings.


Three engagment and weeding rings in platinum with diamond.


Image of Gia Certificate.

Gia Certificate

Image of Bvlgari Fine Diamond Necklaces.