Like the perfect scales of the snake, the hexagonal motif of the Serpenti inspirations sautoir conveys the movement, the seductive charisma and the beauty of Bulgari’s spirit animal. Inspired by designs of the 1970s, the hexagonal pattern is a modern leitmotif to be crafted with exquisite colors and gemstones, for multifaceted expressions of seduction.
High Jewellery sautoir in rose gold with 31 fancy shaped malachites and pavé diamonds (13.07 ct).

Like the perfect scales of a snake, the artisanal hexagon motif of Bulgari’s Serpenti Inspirations conveys the movement, the seductive danger, and the beauty of the respected animal. It is said that luxury is found in details; the meticulous devotion of Bulgari artisans glimmers with unimaginable metalworking perfection in its creations. With homage to snakeskin, an exquisite material that has remained a precious and rare commodity since ancient days, Bulgari creates these elegant jewels for a woman of distinction.

The Bulgari jewels, expression of Italian design and fine craftsmanship, are made in Italy.