Marketing & Communication


Model on the runway during a Bulgari Brand Event Model on the runway during a Bulgari Brand Event Model on the runway during a Bulgari Brand Event

Our Marketing & Communication teams work in synergy with all other functions with the aim of narrating the brand, its essence and its distinctive DNA and image. These teams orchestrate different communication channels, from social media content to printed magazines and from engaging events to in-store initiatives.

Brand keepers

Marketing & Communication professionals are responsible for preserving and protecting the integrity, values and reputation of our Brand. As ‘brand keepers’, they are entrusted with maintaining the authenticity and relevance of the brand identity while also safeguarding long-term success and resonance. They curate the Brand's heritage, guiding its evolution and pushing innovation, while remaining true to the core principles.

Disruptive ideas

Whilst paying tribute to our heritage, reimagining existing creations or monitoring the latest market trends, our teams come up with disruptive ideas to elevate the Brand's creativity. Working in close contact with all other teams, they aim to build a coherent image of the brand. 

Exceptional storytelling, exceptional exhibitions

Inspired by our rich heritage, our teams endeavour to create communication campaigns faithful to our DNA, while still dynamically adapting to changing landscapes and aesthetic language. Creative thinking and storytelling inspire our audience and reflect the brand’s enduring legacy at all touchpoints. 

Memorable experiences

Whether we are designing a new concept store, an event, or a window display, Marketing & Communication professionals create memorable, emotional experiences and welcoming spaces, giving our audience the opportunity to live one unique Bvlgari story.


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