Octo Watches Collection: the octagonal style

With its powerful Italian design that enriches Swiss watchmaking art, Octo Roma embodies a contemporary style innovatively showcasing Bvlgari's Roman roots. The round-but-not-round octagonal case is a nod to the architectural heritage of the Eternal City, while its array of complications and fine craftsmanship infuse classic Haute Horlogerie with an unconventional take.

Modern sophistication

From the Automatic iteration to the Chronograph version, the visual impact of Octo Roma is achieved through the intricate combination of a round effect with an octagonal frame. Versatile and distinctive, this eye-catching classic-yet-not-quite watch unites form, function and design into a harmonious whole.


An icon of watchmaking

In less than a decade, Octo Finissimo has established itself as an icon of contemporary fine watchmaking. Beyond the impressive series of world records for finesse, it has become a legend for its unique octagonal design and timelessly modern flair. Emblem of this unique encounter between the elegance of Italian aesthetics and the genius of Swiss engineering is the Octo Finissimo Automatic. Endowed with a self-winding movement retaining its record thinness of 2.23 mm, the watch features an elegant and pure contrast between the sheen of stainless steel and its sophisticated blue lacquered dial.


Modern haute horlogerie

From the striking aesthetics on display to the intricate mechanics at work, four exceptional tourbillon models – each with its own set of unique features – embody the distinctive blend of precision, innovation and style of Octo Roma. With the generous forms of its octagonal case, the watch can accommodate various complications, providing ample space to showcase Bvlgari’s contemporary and unconventional approach to Haute Horlogerie.

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