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Diamonds in black background.
Diamonds in black background.

The Responsible Jewellery Council is an international not-for-profit association with over 1,100 Members companies that span the jewellery supply chain from mine to retail.
RJC members promote the respect of ethics, human rights and the environment, by adopting good social and environmental practices, in total transparency and along the entire production chain. The goal of this commitment is to provide credible guarantees of product quality and ethics for the entire production sector. RJC has developed a certification system that all members must apply and compliance is verified by an accredited certifying agency. As a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, Bulgari must comply with the RJC's requirements and ensure that they are respected by all the companies in its production chain.
In applying the RJC certification system, Bvlgari SpA and all its subsidiaries, including those companies indirectly controlled by Bvlgari SpA, have adopted management policies and systems that guarantee the respect of the above-mentioned principles.
In 2011, Bvlgari obtained the RJC Code of Practices (RJC COP) Certification, having adopted a management system based on RJC COP Standard, guaranteeing full application of ethical and responsible practices through an independent auditing system. As a certified member, Bulgari has demonstrated its business model's full compliance with the organisation's ethical standards and requirements.
In 2020, Bvlgari achieved the renewal of the RJC COP Certification based on the new RJC Code of Practices 2019 Standard.
This achievement confirms Bvlgari's commitment, in close collaboration with its stakeholders, to promote responsible and ethical practices within its business operations and core strategy through a continual dedication to improvement.