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The only authorized history of Bulgari watchmaking, Beyond Time is an authoritative reference work on the brand’s singular Roman horology and jewelry-inspired creativity. The sum total of everything Bulgari has ever achieved in the domain of watchmaking since the 1920s, the book opens a panorama on the artistry of the Maison that became a Manufacture, weaving past with present, and heritage with innovation.



Dedicated to the Brand’s high jewelry collection Bulgari Eden – The Garden Of Wonders, the lavish volume illustrates the fascinating encounter between visionary genius and a thriving Nature. In addition to exclusive sketches, powerful still life photographs and imaginative pictures by contemporary photographers, Bulgari’s magnificent creations flourish in a magical and luxuriant world shot by Korean photographer Cho Gi-Seok. The evocative narration is complemented by poetry from various eras and originating from all over the world, giving life to a multi-faceted ode to natural treasures turned into inspiring marvels.


Created by women for women, the book is a tribute to the pioneering and indomitable female personalities that inspired Bulgari’s Magnifica High Jewelry creations with their bold vision and unrivaled talent. Edited by the legendary fashion stylist Tina Leung, the all-female volume features the inspiring perspectives and contributions of Amanda Nguyen, Lucia Silvestri, Mia Moretti, Noor Tagouri, Alexandra Damianos, Chani Nicholas, Aisha Dee and Whembley Sewell.



Bulgari’s emotional guide to the Eternal City. Edited by Jan Králiĉek, the book celebrates Rome’s most iconic monuments as sources of inspiration for Bulgari’s timeless creations and for short stories written by celebrated Roman authors and by André Aciman - bestselling author of Call Me by Your Name. Further contributions come from protagonists of fashion, cinema, sport, and music like Anna Della Russo, Ennio Morricone, Boy George and Francesco Vezzoli. Let’s capture Rome’s beauty through our sensations and aesthetic sensibility to make it forever impressed in our memories.


A lavish coffee table book to illustrate the most stunning creations of Bulgari’s Barocko high jewelry collection. The Barocko jewels represent Bvlgar’s daring take on Baroque, one of the most original and exuberant periods in Italian art and architecture. “Light”, “color” and “wonder” are the three keywords of the book that guide us into a fascinating journey to discover one of a kind gems masterly cut, mesmerizing curves, intricate laces of diamonds, illusionist baroque architectures rendered through incredible jewelry designs. Caress the silky pink cover and open the book to get captured by memorable still life, artistic sketches, dedicated shootings and by the colorful and dreamy artworks by Ignasi.


Bulgari - The Story, The Dream is the official catalogue of the 2019 exhibition held in Rome recounting the evolution of Bulgari from a small family business to a global luxury brand. It retraces the different phases in the Maison’s growth, features essays of historians and fashion experts, and displays films and costumes. All of which contribute to piecing together Bulgari’s story while providing historical context and establishing the Bulgari’s success throughout the years. The exhibition presents stunning pictures of jewelry pieces from the Bulgari Heritage Collection and clothes from the Cecilia Matteucci Lavarini high fashion collection on display to illustrate the trends of the different eras in which the narrative unfolds.


The first book to focus entirely on the Maison’s olfactory expertise and its intrinsic connection with the most precious “gems of nature”. The Perfume of Gems is the culmination of many creative and multifaceted forces, with textual contributions by editor Simone Marchetti, anthropologist Annick Le Guérer, musician Brian Eno, author Chiara Gamberale and biologist Renato Bruni. The visual part of the book features the capturing pictures of Michael Pudelka and the poignant drawings of Luigi Serafini. Lastly, the master perfumers who created Le Gemme collection, Daniela Andrier, Alberto Morillas and Jacques Cavallier, share their inspiration to transform precious stones into olfactory gems.

Treasures of Rome

Bulgari’s enthralling saga narrated through the people who spread its fame. From the historical shop in Via Condotti, people of a certain class come to view exceptional works of art. Such appointments turn into voyages around the four corners of the globe, driven by ambassadors of the good life and of the Dolce Vita: Elizabeth Taylor, Anna Magnani, Gina Lollobrigida, Soraya and Ingrid Bergman star as Bulgari patrons together with American jet setters like Dorothy di Frasso, diplomat Clare Booth Luce or heiress Barbara Hutton, count Vittorio Cini, Infanta Beatriz of Spain and many others.

The Joy of Gems

Devoted exclusively to the Maison’s splendid high jewelry collections, The Joy of Gems depicts Bulgari’s distinctive aesthetic made of vibrant colors, sense of classicism, sublime proportions and joyful flair. Featuring evocative text by jewelry historian Vivienne Becker and original photography by Laziz Hamani, the book illustrates Bulgari’s stylistic codes through a spectacular array of magnificent jewels over the decades.