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About Cinemagia

The new Bvlgari High Jewellery Collection 2019

A pendant brooch in quartz, onyx and diamonds by Bvlgari worn by Silvana Mangano as she moves through the rooms in a palazzo in Rome in the film by Luchino Visconti, Conversation Piece. From the terrace of the apartment belonging to the professor played by Burt Lancaster, you can see cupolas and bell towers.
Architectural elements and out-of-scale sculpted busts top the balustrade around the parapet. The beauty of Rome and its treasures. In 2019, Bvlgari presents its new High Jewellery collection inspired by the world of films: Cinemagia.
“This is a land of dreams and imagination, the celebration of the link between this Roman High Jewellery and the seventh art. The magic lies in Bvlgari’s ability to dialogue with all artistic disciplines when it produces its jewels. Italian knowhow results in a piece of sculpted metal jewellery set with gems, in a symphony of colour; the transposition of a dream into a feat of architecture and reality,” explains Carolyne Coquet, High Jewellery & Haute Horlogerie Managing Director for the brand. You immediately imagine the days when Hollywood walked along the banks of the Tiber. The golden times of “La Dolce Vita, a rarefied world, all about glamour, folly, extravagance, self-celebration, and savoir vivre when Bvlgari became what it still is today, the jeweller to the stars. That was when the spirit of ‘Larger than Life’ was born.” Bvlgari dreams in colours and brings them to life in this collection with its strong hues, on statement necklaces that are a declaration of power and splendour.
If films are ‘life with the dull bits cut out’, as the quote from Hitchcock suggests, Bvlgari jewels are the elixir of joy bringing the magic of the silver screen to daily life. They glitter on red carpets around the world and remain forever imprinted in the minds of those who lay eyes on them. “Elizabeth Taylor, Anna Magnani, Sophia Loren—the stars from that period understood the significance of jewels. They flocked to the boutique in Via dei Condotti, purchasing them for themselves and wore them on set and to parade before the photographers. They understood that jewels are, like eyes, a window onto the soul, a declaration of personal identity. Followers of this philosophy are our clients today.