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At Full Blast

In conversation with Lucia Silvestri


Wild Pop, the Bvlgari 2018 High End Jewellery collection, brings together two visions and draws inspiration from Andy Warhol. The contaminations that link the American artist and the Roman jewellery company is still very much alive today, in an approach to matter and colour, as Lucia Silvestri , the brand's Creative Director reminds us. "There are many elements in the collection that can be traced back to a Wild Pop concept," she says. "The black and white bracelet for example, in onyx, platinum and diamonds. A theme that totally belongs to that period, to the eighties especially. It is rock, classic, magical and timeless." Mixing precious and semi-precious stones is taken from the sixties, while design of the new Wild Pop collection is, on the other hand, inspired by the seventies and eighties, when Bvlgari was influenced by the effects of the pop culture. A mood embraced by Nicola Bulgari, at the time a visionary young creative, with first-hand experience and knowledge of the turmoil of that period, in a New York that was more Big Apple and melting pot than ever. "The Bvlgari style of the eighties, " remembers Nicola Bulgari, "became a strong influence. Our family's inner spirit allowed us to decode and capture that particular moment in history. It was Andy Warhol himself, a big fan of our company, who understood this and declared, in Interview: 'I believe that your idea of jewellery is the eighties. Everyone attempts to copy you. Bvlgari jewels manage to perfectly capture the moment.'" Lucia Silvestri talks about the work accomplished. "With my team," she stresses, "I have created interplay between references and ideas that reflect a whole series of aspects of the eighties, from the world of music to that of fashion, the clothes and colours from that period, through to the future as we saw and imagined it then. A mix of breaking away from conventions, of extravagance, freedom with colour and energy. Besides, Larger than Life is the mantra that makes up most of our DNA.