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Sapphire Lace Necklace

Sapphire Lace


From art to fashion, the Baroque era was a time defined by over-the-top, ornate and exuberant clothing was no exception. The passion for life’s pleasures was expressed through eccentric outfits and women used to wear luxurious feminine lace collars: a trend reimagined by Bvlgari into the Sapphire Lace necklace. Embracing the neck with an ultra-soft weave of diamonds, the jewel caresses the skin with delicate and sensual lightness.

Bvlgari Magnificent Creations High Jewelry necklace in 18 kt white gold with emeralds and diamonds.



Soft, light and enveloping. Like a second skin, the jewel flaunts a suppleness only comparable to that of a highly prized lace.



The spectacular Royal Blue sapphire (28.11 ct) stands out from the necklace’s smooth texture. Rich in saturation, the gem’s unique blue is one of the most coveted colors in the world: deep and profound like the sea, elegant and enveloping like velvet.



22 round sapphires (13.72 ct) and 381 fancy shaped step-cut diamonds are artfully set and interwoven to create an exquisitely geometrical design.

Model wearing a Barocko High Jewellery platinum necklace with diamonds

A highly complex piece with a smooth appearance. The wondrous Sapphire Lace necklace is the result of the artisan’s ability to flawlessly balance the volume and exceptional weight of the central sapphire with the sinuous diamond texture.

Sketch of the Bvlgari Barocko Sapphire Lace High Jewellery platinum necklace with one oval sapphire, round sapphires and diamonds.

The more, the better. Just like for Bvlgari, nothing was ever too much for the style icons of those years. Baroque women loved to accentuate details, to show off their personality through an eccentric and opulent style. From exotic feathers to eye-catching bows through luxurious lace, the inspiration for their wondrous jewels and dresses was everywhere.