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Imagination has no limits. Capturing the visionary spirit of the Baroque era, the Mosaico necklace is a masterful blend of movement, dynamism, and shapes. Rich diamond geometries intertwine with a constellation of round emeralds, in a dramatic crescendo of sparkle and luminosity. An magnificent design conjuring the most iconic architectures of the era, all impeccably executed in spite of their complexity.

Bvlgari Barocko Mosaico High Jewellery collier in platinum set with 19 emeralds and diamonds.



Bvlgari’s ability to innovate and experiment starts with the smallest details: a unique set of 18 rare round brilliant-cut emeralds culminates with the magnificent Zambian emerald of 5.30 ct.



A perfect encounter only comparable to the most significant and timeless Baroque architectures.



A geometry of harmonized round and trapezoidal diamonds, unleashes the unique light, glow and beauty of every single emerald.

Sketch of the Bvlgari Barocko Mosaico High Jewellery platinum necklace set with emeralds and diamonds.

For Bvlgari a geometrical structure and the hard nature of precious stones do not preclude the exceptional tactility of its creations. Facing the challenge of crafting an unbelievably supple jewel with rigid elements, the Maison’s talented goldsmiths employ their skills to succeed in such an achievement. With mastery and patience, every single piece is connected to create a perfectly balanced whole.

A Bvlgari gemmologist observing an emerald during the making of a Barocko High Jewellery creation.

Timeless precious stones interpreted with modern appeal. Reimagining the classic combination of diamonds and emeralds into an unprecedented design, the Mosaico necklace embraces architectural design, exceptional gems and masterful creativity all at once. Utterly elegant yet with a dash of extravagance, the piece is an extraordinary exercise in harmonizing volumes and shapes.