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Close-up of the Cinemagia High Jewellery Necklace Forever Liz with emeralds and diamonds.

Emerald Affair


Bvlgari and extraordinary emeralds: a never-ending love affair that blossomed during la Dolce Vita years, when the Roman Jeweler first dared to smooth the precious stone into its trademark cabochon cut. Always seeking new ways to wonder and amaze, Bvlgari turns the precious gem into a dream to wear with the Emerald Affair Necklace: like a scene-stealing star, a show-stopping octagonal step-cut emerald of more than 24 carats takes center stage with unparalleled radiance and glamour.

Enchanting Forever Liz necklace from the Bulgari Cinemagia collection. Discover the Columbian emerald and its inspiration.



Treasures that can’t be found twice in nature: the Colombian octagonal step-cut emerald of 24.46 ct was meticulously shaped to exalt its exceptional weight and a beauty that is impossible to match.



Over 270 buff-top emeralds adorn the pendant’s frame and chain, highlighting the geometrical character of the piece.



A modern reinterpretation of one of Bvlgari’s most legendary pieces, blending traditional savoir-faire and timeless inspiration with an ultra contemporary approach.

Model wearing a necklace from the Cinemagia High Jewellery collection with a Columbian octagonal step-cut emerald.

Combining passion, gemstone savoir-faire and the Maison’s incredible heritage of crafting legendary pieces, the Emerald Affair necklace reimagines one of the most memorable sautoirs that the Roman Maison has ever brought into the spotlight. The new emerald interpretation of the piece keeps the same balance of geometrical design with gemstone perfection, yet executes it with an utterly modern, unprecedented flair.

Bulgari designers and craftsmen work together to achieve excellence.

When it comes to precious gemstones, the Bvlgari philosophy of "less is bore" is entirely devoted to reach unrestrained preciousness, uniqueness and beauty. The story of this 24,46 ct octagonal Colombian Emerald starts with the quest for the exceptional: only with an impeccable visual appeal, harmonic proportions, an inimitable colour, the right cut and a striking radiance can a precious gem become a Bvlgari gem.