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Amazing jewel from the Bvlgari collection


Founded in 1884 by Sotirio BVLGARI as a single jewellery shop in the capital city of Rome, BVLGARI’s name has today become emblematic of Italian excellence. Creating a highly distinctive style that celebrates its rich Roman history, BVLGARI is able to blend modernity with classicism. With stylistic audacity and a penchant for colour, BVLGARI’s jewellery is highly recognizable in its striking originality. With an inimitable vision of luxury, BVLGARI’s origins at the Via dei Condotti flagship store hosted an international, elite group of artists, writers and actors during the Dolce Vita years – and led to BVLGARI’s diversified presence today. The original pioneering spirit of the BVLGARI family helped to evolve the company into a successful and global Maison, while its roots in jewellery and watches have grown into new expressions of accessories, perfumes and luxury resorts.

Lucia Silvestri looking at a precious stone


Bvlgari, the contemporary Italian jeweller, is the undisputed master of coloured gemstones. Bvlgari honours its rich Italian past within modern designs, upholding a 130-year legacy of timeless glamour and elegance. In everything we do, our creativity, entrepreneurship and passion are what enhance the distinctiveness of the Bvlgari brand. With integrity, open-mindedness and innovativeness, we express our individual talents and are able to contribute to the culture, identity and future of the company. Bvlgari’s tradition of superior craftsmanship, dedication, and a painstaking attention to detail guarantees our prestige. Meanwhile, our people embody the expression of the Bvlgari dream – the refinement of the human touch – this is the real essence of luxury.

Pendant with a sapphire heart


Drive for success

We believe that by challenging competitors every day, on every product, in each store and in all activities we will become the market leader.

Value creation

We believe that we will continue to achieve our sustainable growth by focusing our efforts, competencies and entrepreneurial spirit on value creating activities.

Power of brand

We believe that the power of our brand is the foundation for future successes. All of our activities should reflect and nurture the corresponding style.


We believe in the importance of achieving excellence, in the outstanding quality of - products and services to internal and external customers through the professionalism of our organization.

People contribution

We believe that everyone can contribute to the achievement of the company’s mission through personal involvement, personal responsibility and personal commitment.

Integrity and consistency

We believe that integrity, clarity and consistency in all of our decisions, actions and communication, regardless of internal and external pressures, build an environment where everyone is committed to the achievement of the company’s mission.

Engaging environment

We believe that mutual respect, trust, professional growth, team spirit and lively environment are the building blocks of our company culture.


Model with amazing brooch with emeralds and sapphires


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