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Serpenti Jewellery Watches Watch


Ref . 102344

Serpenti Jewellery Watches Watch

Ref . 102344

Serpenti Jewellery Watch in 18 kt rose gold case and single spiral bracelet, both set with brilliant cut diamonds, black sapphire crystal dial and brilliant cut diamond indexes.

CAD$ 55,000.00

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With perpetually inspired creativity, Bulgari captures the power of seduction of the snake into the striking head-over-tail design of the Serpenti Jewellery Watch. Sophisticated and striking, the timepiece combines the dangerous beauty of the scales with the sinuosity of the snake. In a sensual play of juxtapositions made of light and shadow, elegance and temptation, the two facets of the serpent’s nature are revealed. Serpenti Jewellery Watch with quartz movement, 26 mm 18 kt rose gold curved case set with brilliant cut diamonds, black sapphire crystal dial, brilliant cut diamond indexes, 18 kt rose gold single spiral bracelet set with brilliant cut diamonds.
Functions: Hour-Minute
Materials: Rose gold
Entirely crafted in the Bulgari Manufactures in Switzerland, each Bulgari watch is designed to feature the meticulous precision of Swiss savoir-faire and the innovation of Italian creativity, blending these countries’ traditions to produce the pinnacles of their expertise.


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