Wedding Band

MarryMe platinum wedding ring with full pavé diamonds. A perfect match for the MarryMe engagement ring.

The crown, or 'corona', in Italian, is entwined with this floral aspect to inspire Bulgari’s Corona Jewellery Collection. Such glorious symbols of celebration are echoed in the collection as the petals of a flower, or the regal prongs of a crown.

Bulgari Eternity Bands celebrate milestones - anniversaries, special occasions, the beauty of what life brings. Each designer ring is a celebration of Bulgari’s diamond expertise, epitomizing Bulgari’s masterful way with diamonds. Contemporary, they are the perfect symbol of continual happiness.

Pure as true love, the never-ending circle of a Bulgari wedding ring is a symbol of the promise of eternal devotion. Unique Bulgari lines and an elegant style.

As bold as his proposal, as decisive as her acceptance, Marryme makes a statement with its setting’s architectural design. A sophisticated designer ring with a modern sensibility, the exceptional platinum setting allows the brilliant-cut diamond to be visible from every angle, enhancing its beauty.

A tribute to refined elegance, these classic styles allow the precision and beauty of the solitaire diamond to assert itself: Griffe is the setting for connoisseurs.