Serpenti in Art


In celebration of the deep bond between the mythical snake and the world of art, Bvlgari launches a capsule collection of Serpenti Forever handbags born from the collaboration with three contemporary artists who lent their creative vision to the icon of endless metamorphosis.

Opposing forces

Focusing on the duality of the snake and its infinite power of transformation, the artist Sophie Kitching plays with opposing forces - such as day and night, inside and outside - in her versions of the Serpenti Forever top handle bag. Nature-inspired motives, evoking the lively strokes of her paintings, animate the black and white Calf Leather body and culminate in the iconic snakehead closure with multicoloured enamel scales.

Ocean and forest

The multi-talented artist Zhou Li reimagines Serpenti Forever top handle bag through the distinctive language of her lyrical abstract paintings. Named Ocean and Forest, the Calf Leather handbags dispaly dreamlike universes through the artist's exquisite brush-touches, while a golden embroidery and precious applications add a richness of texture to the pieces.

Day and night

Famed for his symbolic dodo birds, representing the search for freedom and happiness, the painter Sunwoo Kim has brought his artistic universe at the core of the Serpenti Forver Top Handle bag. Crafted in Calf Leather, the two animations play with imaginary Day and Night landscapes, topped by the iconic snakehead closure enriched with gemstones eyes.