Innovating the present for a sustainable future


“Bvlgari is proud to have forged a path among luxury brands for its ongoing commitment to sustainable, ethical practices in every aspect of its business.”

Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO Bvlgari Group


On July 24, Bvlgari hosted the second webinar of the series “Innovating the present for a sustainable future”, an occasion to discuss about the Roman Jeweller’s passionate commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability. Because Bvlgari deeply believes in the importance of giving back - to nature and to the global community.



*Webinar moderator: WWD China Mainland CEO Lena Yang. Webinar panelists: Bvlgari President and CEO Jean-Christophe Babin, architect Ma Qingyun and CSR Director of the Bvlgari Group and LVMH Italian Brands Eleonora Rizzuto.



“At Bvlgari, we strongly believe that traceability and transparency should permeate all the activities implemented by the company."

Eleonora Rizzuto – CSR Director Bvlgari Group & LVMH Italia

Bvlgari ethic practices

In 2015 and in the following years, Bvlgari achieved the Chain of Custody Certification by the Responsible Jewellery Council for its gold jewellery lines. The Chain Of Custody Standard promotes the usage of precious metals sourced responsibly across the entire supply chain. The certification confirms Bvlgari’s commitment to transparency and gold traceability through its manufacturing processes as well as those of its suppliers. In 2019, Bvlgari sourced 100% of its gold from RJC-certified suppliers.

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“Now is the time for the fashion industry to fulfill its commitment, brands need to shoulder the responsibility of sustainable development.”

Ms. Lena Yang – CEO WWD China Mainland

Engagement on environment

Inspired by the principles of Circular Economy, Bvlgari developed a strategy to drastically reduce the environmental footprints of its activities. In 2019 the company adopted a Plastic Free Policy and Manifesto to reduce the amount of plastic used across its offices, stores and factories, reuse items and materials, maximize the plastic recycling and innovate the industry through fruitful collaborations. Furthermore, to promote an eco-sustainable lifestyle, its hotels and resorts will go plastic free by the end of 2020.


“When we redefine these historical landmarks, we must express openmindness and tolerance for its history and use it as a starting point of new creation.”


Mr. Qingyun Ma, Architect


Preserving the Roman legacy runs deep in Bvlgari’s DNA. Taking pride in the Eternal City’s most popular landmarks, Bvlgari is committed to restoring some of those most in need of attention with dedicated patronage initiatives. A way to “give back” splendour to a city that has relentlessly generated beauty over the centuries. While honouring timeless treasures and ancient wisdom, Bvlgari also forged a bridge between East and West to strengthen cultural exchange, communication and understanding between these two worlds.