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Your Bvlgari timepiece is unique and esteemed; we provide the following recommendations to ensure the impeccable condition and operation of your timepiece over its lifetime:

• Avoid exposing your watch to extreme heat or sudden changes in temperature or humidity (sauna, Jacuzzi, hot springs, etc.).

• Protect your mechanical watch from magnetism by keeping it away from strong magnetic sources, such as microwaves, x-rays, speakers, etc.

• Avoid forceful impacts; it is not recommended to wear your watch while playing any sports that may cause any shocks or jolts to the wrist (such as golf or tennis …) unless your watch is intended for sports use.

• After adjusting the hour/date on a piece with a crown security closing system, the crown must be tightened again to prevent outside elements from entering the case such as dust or humidity. To prevent damage to the movement, avoid adjusting the date between 9PM and 3AM so as to not disrupt the date wheel function.

• Bring your quartz watch to a Bvlgari Store when the battery needs changing. The average lifespan of your battery is two to four years depending on the type of movement. We advise you not to leave an old battery inside your watch as an old battery can leak and damage the movement.

• Before any contact with water, check that the crown and push buttons are properly closed. Do not activate any mechanical features while your watch is underwater unless your piece is designed for water sports or scuba diving.

• Water resistant watches should be washed with running lukewarm water after contact with seawater or chlorine. Watches that are worn in water should be checked for water resistance every two years to ensure the gaskets have not been compromised. Avoid contact with Fragrance, alcohol, cosmetics, ammonia and chlorine and always place your watch on a soft surface.

• If you wish to change your bracelet, we invite you to come to one of our Bvlgari Store or authorized retailers and to choose from our selection of finely crafted leather straps and metal bracelets.

We advise to perform the recommended maintenance service every 2-3 years for a basic service and every 4-5 years for an overhaul service. This will ensure the accuracy, water resistance and overall functioning of your timepiece. Only service your watch at a Bvlgari Store or an authorized retailer to ensure the watch is repaired by a trained and certified Bvlgari service center. Always provide your purchase warranty and/or your repair warranty card when bringing the watch in for service.

Bvlgari provides an international repair warranty (12 months for basic service and 24 months for complete service) on the work performed and the spare parts changed. Normal wear and tear of the watch and its accessories are not covered by this warranty, nor are events of loss, theft, misuse or negligence.


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