In the 80s, women wore towering stilettos, sculptural gowns and striking dresses with shoulder pads and ruffles. Ruffles were dramatic, a style trademark to take center stage, unapologetically. Inspired by the drastic trend, Bvlgari designed an extraordinary necklace, crafted with jewellery savoir faire and bold touches of retro fashion. Encapsulating the power of colours, the necklace sways with emerald drops and is styled with rose gold ruffles set with ametysts, turquoises and pavé diamonds.
High Jewellery necklace in 18 kt rose gold with 11 Zambia Emerald drops (65.74 ct), 214 buff-top amethysts (11,15 ct), 128 buff-top emeralds (5.03 ct), 216 buff-top turquoises (6.86 ct), 39 step-cut diamonds (6.77 ct), and pavé diamonds (9,86 ct).

Drawing from the empowerment, the free spirit and experimentation of the roaring 80s, Bvlgari writes a new chapter in the history of jewellery, rich with exuberance, impact, and fearlessness. Wild in colours and designs, the creation takes inspiration by the cultural revolution and the excitement of an era and captures Bvlgari s pop vision of extraordinarily unique jewellery.

The Bulgari jewels, expression of Italian design and fine craftsmanship, are made in Italy.