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People working in Bvlgari


We offer our employees an extensive training program that aims to support each team member according to their career stage and development needs. Personnel training at Bvlgari is a key factor in the achievement of excellent individual performance. All our new employees take part in a complete orientation program on our company’s values, history, culture and products. These specific training initiatives are provided all over the world, and are based on individual needs. These programs are designed to develop the key skills needed per the specific role, the company’s strategy, as well as provide adjustments of company skills to meet the market needs. As part of the LVMH group, this also offers our learners a unique experience to gain key skills for their future careers, and/or expand their professional network within LVMH.

People in the Bvlgari palace in Rome


We consider our employees to be a strategic resource, and they are paramount for the growth and success of the brand. In alignment with our company's strategies and values, we give our team members the opportunities to shape their own careers of the future. To join our team means to help Bvlgari to achieve company objectives, while experiencing your own personal development and growth. Coordinated by the LVMH Group, Bvlgari leads a yearly career management process that can offer career opportunities to our most talented people. The program identifies the key business challenges of our brand and their Human Resources impact, providing a precise vision, requirements and developmental actions to be taken with employment – this can lead to new opportunities within the LVMH Group. Bvlgari actively supports the professional development of its employees by providing comprehensive and complementary talent development, as well as key learning opportunities. We aim to keep close attention on our employees' sense of engagement, as we wish to maintain a rewarding environment that attracts talented individuals, while providing them with a platform for success.

Jean-Christophe Babin Ceo of Bvlgari


As part of LVMH Group, we firmly believe that job mobility is a significant source of personal and professional enrichment. As well, it is an opportunity to develop and reinforce individual skills, broaden experience and it builds new professional networks across the Maisons. LVMH offers a large variety of métiers and professional roles, and encourages its members to discover new experiences through a managed program between all the brands. Successful career moves are motivated by curiosity, a drive for change and initiative – qualities often found in talented individuals.