Serpenti Watch Collection

A symbol of empowerment, renewal and infinite transformations since the 1940s, Serpenti is Bvlgari’s ultimate icon of metamorphosis. Unfolding the emblem’s versatile nature and extraordinary energy, the Serpenti watch collection embodies more than three-quarters of a century of beauty, audacity, innovation and constant evolution.

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Serpenti Seduttori

Sinuous, elegant and light, Serpenti Seduttori is a watch with the soul of a jewel. Its supple bracelet, made of intricate hexagonal elements inspired by the scales of a serpent, literally flows over the wrist, while the iconic drop-shaped case representing the head of the mythical animal expresses the perfectly proportioned elegance of the creation.

Serpenti Tubogas

Evoking the origins of Bvlgari's icon through its timeless flair, the Serpenti Tubogas watch coils around the wrist with its legendary flexible bracelet. A blend of industrial-inspired design and ingenious craftsmanship, the Tubogas style is synonymous with mesmerizing suppleness and its fluid lines, achieved without soldering, are reminiscent of the snake's coiled body.