B.zero1 is a symbol of Bvlgari's visionary spirit.


An iconic creation that through its clean, sharp, essential shape, has established a new paradigm where history, innovation, and craftsmanship intersect.

It is a jewelry creation that embodies the infinite journey of self-expression, a design statement to stand out from the ordinary.

In the heart of Bvlgari's creative fire, B.zero1 emerges as a beacon of innovation, a design that fuses two hallmarks of the Bvlgari iconography: engraved along the side, the iconic Bvlgari Bvlgari motif meets the tubogas spiral.

The double engraved logo evokes Bvlgari’s Roman roots. The spirals are continuously reimagined into an avant-garde symphony of form, speaking to the daring spirits of those who wear it.

More than a ring, B.zero1 is a visionary gold sculpture that encapsulates a rich history, the audacity of the present, and the uncharted possibilities of the future. Contemporary yet timeless, B.zero1 is more than jewelry, it is a mindset.

The B.zero1 story unfolds with each piece, inviting its wearer to partake in Bvlgari's grand narrative. A design statement that continually redefines the rules of jewelry. Encapsulating boundless experimentation while preserving its unique identity, B.zero1 defies trends in all its eclectic variations.