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An expression of beauty and craftsmanship, the new High Jewellery collection, Magnifica, showcases the Roman jeweller’s strenuous commitment to magnificence, the driving force and ultimate goal of all its activities.

High Jewellery necklace with five Paraiba tourmalines, emeralds and diamonds, Bvlgari logo backdrop.

An unbelievable set of five magnificent oval cushion-cut Paraiba tourmalines totalling an astonishing 473.82 carats are the beating heart of the wondrous Mediterranean Queen High Jewellery necklace. A perfect layout that required endless patience, passionate perseverance and Bvlgari's unmatched eye for magnificent gemstones.

Magnifica High Jewellery platinum necklace with 1 cushion-cut sapphire round brilliant-cut and pear-shaped diamonds and buff-top sapphires on white Bvlgari logo backdrop.
Encapsulating all the values Bvlgari stands for, the Sapphire Petal necklace reflects the unique ability to combine material and immaterial wealth, ancient goldsmith traditions and a vision of the future.
Magnifica High Jewellery white gold necklace with 1 pear-shaped emerald, emerald beads, buff-top emeralds and diamonds on white Bvlgari logo backdrop.
Stunning gems transformed into a magnificent masterpiece by the gifted hands of talented artisans: the Emerald Ellipse necklace captivates with the entrancing spirals spanning from the central 64.03-carat emerald.
Magnifica High Jewellery rose gold necklace with cabochon amethyst, citrine, rubellite, blue topaz and pink quartz, diamonds and green tourmalines on white Bvlgari logo backdrop.
With its five spectacular cabochon-cut gems of outstanding proportions, the Prodigious Colour necklace epitomises Bvlgari’s love for vibrant gemstones, unexpected combinations and daring volumes.

An ode to beauty and opulence shining through the 6.80 carats of the showstopping pigeon blood ruby, the beating heart of the magnificent Ruby Metamorphosis ring. The highest expression of skilled craftsmanship, the piece represents a long story of artistry all in one small precious piece.

Magnifica High Jewellery platinum chocker with tassel set with diamonds and rubies on white Bvlgari logo backdrop.
Exceptional gemstones, an impactful sense of movement and an unparalleled versatility: the Ruby Metamorphosis necklace is a breathtaking display of extraordinary artistry devoted to aesthetic pleasure.
Magnifica High Jewelry rose gold necklace with cabochon emeralds, rubies and sapphires, and diamonds on white Bvlgari logo backdrop.
An opulent ode to colour and radiance, the Imperial Spinel necklace unleashes the inimitable beauty of its 131.21-carat spinel, bringing to light the unique splendour of this ultra-rare wonder of nature.
Magnifica High Jewellery rose gold necklace with cabochon emeralds, rubies and sapphires, and diamonds on white Bvlgari logo backdrop.
Inspired by Rome and its powerful female icons, the Baroque Spiral necklace is a tribute to Italian artist Artemisia Gentileschi, one of the first women in history to forge a successful career as a painter.

The harmonious balance between unique designs, bold volumes and uncompromising wearability makes the one-of-a-kind Magnifica creations so special. Each gem is intricately cut to fit the detailed setting of the jewel, specially conceived to combine ultimate comfort with everyday glamour and masterfully crafted to be light and supple like a second skin.

Dreams transformed into tangible works of art. For Bvlgari, magnificence cannot exist without the contributions of its artisans who, with their skilled hands, turn ideas into eternal manifestations of human craftsmanship. Bvlgari masters embrace the most meticulous artisanal approach to deliver absolute suppleness, intricate inlays or flexuous, tailor-made components.

Bvlgari Magnificent Creations High Jewellery necklace in platinum with rubies and diamonds.


Show-stopping gemstones, extraordinary designs and unrivaled craftsmanship come together in the most spectacular pieces.