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Corona Ring


Ref . AN856296

Corona Ring

Ref . AN856296

Corona platinum wedding band, set with a diamond.

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  • Description
    The Corona wedding band has been designed to pair perfectly with the regal Corona diamond ring, inspired by Ancient Roman weddings. In this era, the bride would wear a delicate flower garland in her hair. This glorious inspiration is echoed in the entire collection's design, with flower petals or the regal prongs of a crown building the setting of the diamond. The crown is evoked through the wavy lines of the ring on the wedding band. Corona platinum wedding band with a diamond.
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  • Inspiration
    The crown, or 'corona', in Italian, is entwined with this floral aspect to inspire Bulgari’s Corona Jewellery Collection. Such glorious symbols of celebration are echoed in the collection as the petals of a flower, or the regal prongs of a crown.