Savoir-faire transmission

For Bvlgari, the search for technical perfection is a question of human capacity: “Mani Intelligenti” (intelligent hands) are those that turn an artisan into an artist, combining technical expertise with exquisite sensibility and obsession with excellence. Knowledge and craftsmanship are anything but secret: Bvlgari shares its art, passion and devotion generously and transmits it to every talent willing to learn, with the goal of passing it on to future generations.

Bvlgari Jewellery Academy

Instead of only looking for experienced hires, Bvlgari opted to train a new generation of goldsmiths. Bvlgari Manifattura, inaugurated in 2017 in Valenza, regularly recruits staff from the Bvlgari Jewellery Academy, an internal training school that provides over 130,000 hours of training, in which students learn from master goldsmiths, setters and polishers.
The success of the Academy, which retains more than nine out of ten new hires, is due to students focusing solely on growth, with their only objectives being learning, improvement, and making mistakes in a low-stakes environment free from the stress of production deadlines and quality standards.
Although technology is increasingly present in Bvlgari’s production cycles, no jewel can be crafted without the contribution of an artisan: every creation is manually assembled, one-by-one. Technology is used to elevate working conditions, not to replace the human touch.

Bvlgari Watches Academy

In order to address talent recruitment and retention challenges in the watch industry, Bvlgari is creating an internal school in Switzerland, the Bvlgari Watches Academy, to attract and develop talent, ensure succession, maintain expertise and increase apprenticeship opportunities. There are two main areas of focus: apprenticeship and continual employee training, both of which develop skills and versatility. The Bvlgari Watches Academy likewise focuses on new generations, seeking to cultivate young peoples' interest by offering them the chance to appreciate the beauty, craftsmanship and technology behind Bvlgari Watches manufacturing.

Institut des métiers d’excellence (Ime)

Founded by LVMH in 2014, the Institut des Métiers d’Excellence is the only vocational training programme of its kind within the luxury sector. It aims to enhance and preserve the variety of artisanal savoir-faire that has been central to the enduring success of the LVMH Group’s Maisons, among which Bvlgari has numbered since 2011. Education plays a crucial role in both the LVMH Group and Bvlgari’s recruiting practices. With mentorship at the heart of IME LVMH, a Bvlgari master is an educator who can pass on inspiration, passion and excellence together with key technical practices.
In June 2021, the LVMH Group and all its Maisons came together to sign the Worldwide Engagements for Metiers d'Excellence, “WE for ME”. This manifesto marks LVMH’s commitment to preserving and promoting creative, craft and sales experience as unique professions along with the talented people who practice them.