Avrora Award

The Bvlgari AVRORA AWARD was established in 2016, first in Japan and then in China (2019), with the aim of recognising talent in different fields.
The award is named after Aurora, the Roman goddess of dawn, a symbol of light, intelligence and creativity. Bvlgari’s wish is to make the precious gem inside every woman shine in the light of AVRORA.
With this award, Bvlgari recognises the winners' achievements, bringing the women's talents into the spotlight and celebrating their extraordinary life stories, which are shared at the award ceremony. Winners and presenters are selected as representative figures in several categories: film, music, arts, craftsmanship, business, CSR, sports, research and others.
In 2022, the Maison launched the first European edition of the prize at the prestigious Luigi Bocconi University in Milan. The same year, in October, Bvlgari also held the first AVRORA AWARD in Korea.
Now and always, the AVRORA AWARD celebrates women who act on their vision, accomplish their goals and embody their way of life.

Women in science

As a Maison forever influenced by female strength and resilience, Bvlgari believes passionately in women’s ability to inspire and forge new paths. In line with its mission, the company introduced the Bvlgari Women & Science Fellowship Fund in 2020, a programme at New York’s Rockefeller University that fosters women in science by providing funding for their scientific research to combat COVID-19 and advance technologies in virology and immunology.
In addition to supporting female scientists through the fellowship, Bvlgari also established a Clinical Fund to finance the development and clinical testing of new vaccines and drugs to combat COVID-19.