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Born to make every moment golden, the Serpenti Seduttori watch is a modern and irresistible interpretation of Bulgari's captivating icon of seduction and glamour. Sinuous, elegant, and light - the timepiece bears the iconic drop-shaped watch head with a flexible bracelet featuring a hexagonal pattern inspired by the scales of a serpent.


A timepiece of endless seduction, Serpenti Seduttori is a watch with the soul of a jewel. Intricately constructed to sensually embrace the wrist and masterfully set with precious diamonds, its striking aesthetics and seductive craftsmanship pay bold tribute to the glamour of Bulgari’s jewellery universe. A triumph of an iconic design exuding the allure of the legendary snake.

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Made to shine, a dazzling interpretation of the Serpenti Seduttori watch elevates the preciousness of time. With its thin white gold case and sensual scale-inspired bracelet set with sparkling diamonds, the timepiece fuses irresistible sinuosity with ultimate glamour.


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