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Fiorever Necklace


Ref . 355324

Fiorever Necklace

Ref . 355324

Fiorever 18 kt rose gold necklace set with a central diamond.

₹ 1,52,000.00

Including Taxes

  • Description
    Blooming amongst the marvels of the Eternal City, Fiorever draws inspiration from the alluring four-petal flower cherished by the Romans as a symbol of happiness and joy. The blend of two meaningful words, Fiore, Italian for flower, and forever, Fiorever celebrates the Roman love for life with a striking, passionate design. Meant to sparkle with an eternal glow, Bvlgari’s precious floral icon is crafted with four rose gold open-worked petals embracing a central diamond. Fiorever necklace in 18 kt rose gold with a diamond.
  • Details



    Made In



    Rose gold

    Diamonds (Carats)



    41 cm - 43 cm

  • Inspiration
    Inspired by the four-petal flower motif, a Roman symbol of happiness and joy, Fiorever captures the vibrant spirit of the Eternal City into a striking design, rich in passion and glow.