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Place Vendôme, 23

Façade of Hôtel de Boullongne which hosts the Bvlgari boutique at Place Vendôme in Paris.

At 23 Place Vendôme, in the famed epicentre of High Jewellery, Bvlgari's Parisian flagship store has been entirely redesigned and historically restored. Architect Peter Marino has created a new concept and architectural identity for Bvlgari that draws on its Roman roots and cultural heritage, emphasising a distinctively Italian approach to modernity.


Bringing Rome's eternal modernity into the heart of the City of Light, Bvlgari embarks on an evocative journey experienced through the language of architecture, interior design and traditional artisan techniques. Celebrating natural light like a bold Bvlgari jewellery piece, the store seals the extraordinary relationship between Rome and Paris. Ever since the two cities were officially twinned in 1956, they have taken part in a mutual exchange of artistic heritage, know-how and an unrivalled sense of beauty.

The entrance hall and jewellery gallery of Bvlgari's Place Vendôme flagship store.

Having travelled from Rome to Paris, a pair of columns at the boutique's entrance, two red porphyry vases and an inlaid console table initially planned for Bvlgari's Via Condotti 10 store have found new life within the walls of Place Vendôme.

Detail of the High Jewellery gallery and the jewellery counter of Bvlgari's Place Vendôme boutique.

Flooded with natural light from its 13 windows and impressive skylights, the store conjures up images of Rome's inimitable radiance and the apricot nuances of the city's sky just before sunset.

View of the men's watches room of Bvlgari's Parisian flagship store at Place Vendôme.

Peter Marino’s focus on the use of materials, colour, and historicism - the interplay between old and new - combined with Bvlgari’s obsession with magnificence and skilful craftsmanship define the unique aesthetic of this extraordinary flagship store.

The Maison with a Michelangelo-inspired skylight on the first floor of Bvlgari's Place Vendôme flagship store.

Decorated with a motif that echoes Michelangelo's famed Piazza del Campidoglio in Rome, the spectacular skylight is just one of the many references to the Eternal City's magnificent architecture and art.

Private room with mesh in brass and steel on the ground floor of Bvlgari's Place Vendôme store.

A new hexagonal mesh in brass and stainless steel is inspired by a Bvlgari heritage bracelet of the 1930s and dotted with rounded elements evoking the cabochon rubies and brilliant cut diamonds that embellish the jewel.

The gems room with dynamic Rome panels on the first floor of Bvlgari's Place Vendôme flagship store.

Roman and Italian design are just everywhere, from the Eternal City's images immortalized by Canadian photographer Nicolas Ruel to the spectacular chandelier by Giò Ponti, an original piece from the 1960s.


A triumph of Italian design and craft, the store is conceived and realised like one of Bvlgari’s exquisite creations. From the selection and combination of precious materials to the use of traditional artisanal techniques, piece by piece, detail by detail, the boutique took shape like a true work of art through unparalleled savoir faire and an all-Italian sense of aesthetic.

View of a brass and glass chandelier, and one of the restored windows at Bvlgari's Parisian store.

The contrast and the perfect fusion between the building’s historical exterior and the newly renovated interior recreate the exciting dialog between cultural heritage and the eternally modern taste Bvlgari embodies.

Craftsman measuring a marble slab during the redesign of Bvlgari's Place Vendôme store, close up.

“Painting” with spectacular marbles from Pavonazzetto to Breccia di Seravezza, Italian artisans have offered their unique skills in the name of this masterpiece of creativity and craft.

Detail of the marble at Bvlgari's Place Vendôme store in Paris, close up.

Many different materials including monumental marbles, ultra-refined walnut wood, iron and brass have been selected by Marino to convey a tangible feel of Rome’s radiance, warmth, and joy.

Artisan pointing to a sheet with a parquet pattern during the creation of the parquet floor, close up.

The highest craftsmanship devoted to unique design: the parquet floor not only boasts a special degradé effect achieved by exposing the wood for different time lapses under the sun, it is also assembled in a magnificent star pattern.

Craftsman laying a tile of white mosaic at Bvlgari's Place Vendôme store, close up.

The enchanting mosaic of the ground floor scintillates like a dazzling paved diamond: its tiny tiles have been masterfully laid, one by one, by specialised Italian artisans.

Artisan recreating the wooden door of Bvlgari's Place Vendôme store, faithful to the original, close up.

Traditional crafts preserving eternal beauty. The eye-catching blue wooden door at the store's main entrance has been recreated entirely faithfully to the original by one of the artisan laboratories accredited for the restoration of the historic building.