Contacts & Reporting

Facade of the Roman Bulgari store in via Condotti with central portal, side windows and Bulgari inscription.


The Bulgari Corporate Social Responsibility team is responsible for coordinating and steering all programmes and initiatives within the CSR Management System. The team interacts with Bulgari's stakeholders (such as local, public and private institutions), targeting the sustainable development of the local contexts where Bulgari operates. Bulgari’s CSR team encourages you to explore our website to learn more about our commitment. For further information regarding CSR, please contact:

Bulgari Spa Lungotevere Marzio 11 - 00186 Roma

Tel.: +39 06 688101


LVMH Alert Line

Bulgari encourages open communication and dialogue within the Maison and with its external partners, suppliers and clients (“stakeholders”). Any Bulgari employee or external stakeholder who becomes aware of violations of Codes of Conduct, internal guidelines, principles, policies and/or applicable laws and regulations is invited to raise their concerns and/or ask for guidance. All employees and stakeholders have access to the LVMH Alert Line, an online interface that provides a fully confidential and secure way of reporting in good faith any violations of the laws, regulations, principles, and policies of conduct. Bulgari ensures that no disciplinary sanction or any direct or indirect retaliatory measure is taken against persons who have made use of these channels in good faith, even if the facts subsequently prove to be inaccurate or unfounded and/or do not give rise to any proceedings or sanctions. Click here to access the LVMH Alert Line.


Bulgari reports social and environmental performance and projects through the LVMH Social and Environmental Responsibility Report, published annually.