Bvlgari Le Gemme Fragrance Collection

Bvlgari’s Le Gemme High Perfumery collection represents a sensory journey from West to East in search of nature's rarest and most stunning gems. Traversing the mythical Gems Road, Bvlgari reveals the fascination and expressive power of precious stones and exquisite olfactive ingredients by capturing them into exceptional jewel fragrances.


Le Gemme Orom: a new magical journey

Inspired by labradorite, a stone in harmony with the magical powers of nature, Bvlgari has crafted a new leathery signature that contrasts the exquisite pearls of vanilla caviar with the richness of natural oud. A symbol of self-confidence and introspection, Le Gemme Orom characterises the heart of Madagascar, a wondrous island famed for its shimmering greens and blues, where the fascinating labradorite is found.

Le Gemme Tygar: an iconic fragrance

One of the most coveted fragrances of the collection, Le Gemme Tygar represents a journey to Kerala, the spice garden of India. Inspired by Tiger's Eye, a gold-brown gemstone connecting humanity to the vibrations of the sun and earth, the Eau de Parfum captures this duality through an ambery citrus signature, where fresh grapefruit notes are contrasted by the deep sophistication of ambrox.


From gems to fragrances

Crafting the gems of nature

Drawing from the world of High Jewellery, Bvlgari elevates the art of High Perfumery with the Le Gemme collection, a magnificent and luxurious sensory experience that celebrates nature's most exquisite gems and ingredients through precious olfactive jewels.