At the heart of the historic store, Via Condotti 10, there is a permanent space dedicated to the Bvlgari Heritage Collection. Located on the left immediately upon entry into the boutique, this room formerly dedicated to precious silverware kept its old furniture and has recently been transformed into a heritage gallery. Named Domvs, which means “House” or “Home” in Latin, it offers a rotation of Bvlgari museum pieces, through three thematic exhibitions per year. The Bvlgari Domvs is open every day and on free access to anyone wishing to discover the history of Bvlgari, the evolution of the jeweler’s designs, and the icons that have led to its international success.

Titolo 001 - Eternally Reborn

Rome's timeless appeal lies in its remarkable ability to reinvent itself across the ages, beyond the passing of time. From the legendary beginnings of its founder Romulus to its vibrant present, Rome is a city of many faces, reflected in the various names which have been attributed to it by its residents and visitors.
One of these travellers was Sotirios Boulgaris, a Greek craftsman who made Rome his home. Sotirios opened his first store in 1884 and italianised his name to Sotirio Bulgari. Rome inspired him, as it has inspired generations of artisans who reinvented themselves in keeping with the city's history.
As we celebrate Bvlgari's 140th anniversary, let's rediscover Rome's role as the muse of the Maison. Through eight chapters – symbolically referring to the eight points of the emblematic star of Via dei Condotti 10 –, we'll explore Rome's many names, each one telling a story of renewal and reinvention.


Enriching our collection

Bvlgari is looking for exceptional examples of jewels and watches created prior to 1995 to enrich the brand’s Heritage Collection. Appointments in Rome, Milan, Naples, Palermo, London, Geneva and New York.
For further information or to schedule a confidential appointment please contact: + 39 06 688 10648 + 39 345 444 9303