BVLGARI Announces the Launch of the First BVLGARI MECENATE

BVLGARI Cultural Support Project × Tokyo University of the Arts
Craft Techniques Meet Creativity

On June 6th Bvlgari Japan launched the first edition of Bvlgari Mecenate. The project aims to create a bridge between tradition and contemporaneity, focusing on Japanese traditional arts, which are at risk of disappearing.  Bvlgari, established 130 years ago, is deeply rooted in the Roman tradition and history, but has earned name as a contemporary brand as well. This combination of Bvlgari essence and values is the core of Bvlgari Mecenate project.

The Makie Art and Craftmanship

Mecenate is an Italian word for “patron of arts, artists”. It comes from Gaius Clinius Maecenas, an advisor of Emperor Augustus in the Imperial Rome well known for being the first supporter of poets and literates.

The kick-off event was based on a discussion panel led by professor Hibino of Tokyo University of the Arts.
The talk-show was addressed to the students and aimed to trigger a dialogue on how to boost the appeal of urushi towards the modern consumers.