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Serpenti Forever 拉鍊皮夾


編號 . 287258

Serpenti Forever 拉鍊皮夾

編號 . 287258

Serpenti Forever 水晶玫瑰色亮面水蛇皮和小牛皮 L 型拉鍊皮夾。經典蛇頭拉鍊飾以黑色和白色琺瑯,蛇眼飾以綠色琺瑯。



  • 描述
    Serpenti Forever 水晶玫瑰色亮面水蛇皮和小牛皮 L 型拉鍊皮夾,材質珍貴。經典蛇頭拉鍊飾以黑色和白色琺瑯,蛇眼飾以綠色琺瑯。淡金色黃銅配飾,8 個信用卡夾層,2 個鈔票夾層,2 個內格收納層,中間設有 1 個拉鍊零錢格,整體設計精巧完美。19 x 9 公分 - 7.5 x 3.5 吋。
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  • 靈感之源
    Encircled with legend, the seductive serpent is wound tight with the history of humanity. Dating back to ancient Greek and Roman mythology, it is a symbol representing wisdom, vitality and the circle of life. In the 20th century, BVLGARI has given new life to this symbol through new interpretations of its design and materials, adopting it as one of the milestones of its style. Since 2011 the snake has become the key feature of a daring, hypnotic and colorful line of bags and accessories, wherein the finely color enameled serpent heads serve as jewel closures. Fine materials, innovative finishings and captivating seasonal animations distinguish this iconic BVLGARI line.