Octo Finissimo Hiroshi Senju

Bvlgari create an exceptional limited series in partnership with the best-known contemporary Japanese painter

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“When I look at a waterfall, I imagine I can see the flow of time in the running water. It reminds me that time also passes too quickly.”

This statement by Hiroshi Senju sums up the guiding for limited series created by Bvlgari in cooperation with the famous Japanese painter. It is symbolised by the dials featuring variations on Senju’s famous leitmotif, the waterfall.

The limited series created by the Italian Maison delicately conveys this kinship with a first series of the Octo Finissimo Automatic trilogy all featuring a mother-of-pearl bearing a reproduction of a work by Senju. The hands mark the passing of time by sweeping over a motif depicting a waterfall, symbolising unstoppable onward motion.

We will sell a watch of stainless steel case by lottery. If you would like to purchase it, please register your profile from November 2nd to 8th in the form.


“Time is the realm of the gods, impenetrable for us as mere mortals. That is why a watch should be considered with the same respect as a sacred object.” Hiroshi Senju

Hiroshi Senju

(千住博, Senju Hiroshi, born in 1958) is a Nihonga-style Japanese artist known for his large-scale waterfall paintings. They often focus on the foot of the waterfall where the water crashes into the pool below. As a painter he often uses the traditional techniques of Japanese painting, involving pigments based on natural materials applied to specially crafted mulberry paper. Contrary to the usual rule of exposing such works in subdued lighting in a tatami-covered room, Senju prefers his creations to be viewed in natural light. The Nagano prefecture has a museum bearing his name.