B.zero1 Turns 20

The genesis and evolution of an icon

In 1999, Bvlgari presented B.zero1, a ring that in twenty years has become a collector's item, one reworked by artists and architects alike. To celebrate its anniversary, Mauro Di Roberto, Jewellery Business Unit Managing Director at Bvlgari, tells of the genesis and evolution of an icon. "B.zero1 is the personification of Bvlgari design. Inspired by the quintessential symbol of Roman architecture, the Colosseum, it encapsulates every single Bvlgari trait: bold, nonconformist and unexpected. In these twenty years, B.zero1 has evolved thanks to its ability to adapt to the times, while continuing to preserve its design uniqueness and style. Reworked by Anish Kapoor and Zaha Hadid, in materials such as ceramic and marble, it has simply consolidated its role as an icon." Structure, shape and equilibrium merge in the ring's design, which stems from the principles of architectural construction and celebrates the tradition of ancient Rome.

"Art and architecture are very important sources of inspiration for Bvlgari and Rome is the focus of our activity. Collaboration with artists is just further confirmation of how these aspects are fundamental to the creation of B.zero1 and Bvlgari jewellery." Despite looking to the past, experimentation and the future are the cornerstones for makeovers of this jewel, which disregard the shape to concentrate on the material. "B.zero1 provides a starting point for creativity that allows us to explore materials previously not used in jewellery. For example, we may consider using titanium in the future." A collection that has always shied away from codes, B.zero1 is like Rome, "difficult to describe as a whole, but we can at least try: run the risk, shake off convention, be amazed by unexpected things"-that's all it takes.