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Frequently asked questions

What is a digital warranty card?

It is a 2-year warranty for your new Bulgari timepiece, now saved in the Bulgari network and accessible worldwide from any Bulgari boutique.

What are the benefits of a digital warranty?

The digital warranty card guarantees the activation date and authenticity of a timepiece. Even if the card is lost, a client advisor can retrieve your timepiece information in the system using its Serial Number.

What should I do if I lose my digital warranty card?

If you lose your card, please contact Customer Service or visit any Bulgari boutique. We will replace it and link it to your timepiece.

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What should I do if my digital warranty card stops working?

If your card stops working, please take it to any Bulgari boutique or contact Customer Service. We will destroy the faulty card and replace it with a new one.

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What happens to the activation date if a new card is issued to me?

Your new digital warranty card will be activated once the prior card is cancelled. All information from the previous card, including the activation date, will be transferred to the new one.

Should I keep my digital warranty card?

You should keep your digital warranty card as you would keep your warranty booklet.

If I bought my Bulgari timepiece prior to the digital warranty program, do I need a card for it?

For timepieces purchased prior to the program, the warranty booklet is still valid for warranty activation and tracking.

How do I activate the digital warranty card if I bought my Bulgari timepiece online?

The digital warranty card will be activated through our E-Commerce Center before it is shipped with the timepiece to you.

How do I have my timepiece repaired if I bought it online?

Please contact Customer Service. They will direct you to your nearest boutique location where you will be able to open a service request.

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Are there any other advantages to the digital warranty card?

Yes, your digital warranty card can be stored and accessed at any time from the BVLGARI Vault app.

What is the BVLGARI Vault?

The BVLGARI Vault is a mobile application Bulgari has licensed through the world’s leading Swiss ESecurity company, WISEKEY. This app securely stores personal data including passwords, pins, credit and loyalty cards, bank accounts, notes, photos and more – safely encrypted on your device.

What are the benefits of having the BVLGARI Vault app?

BVLGARI Vault offers the utmost level of security by WISEKEY, the trusted leader in Switzerland. Unlocking the app requires up to four cumulative means, including touch ID, facial recognition, AES- 256 encryption and asymmetric keys.

The app will allow you to manage all digital assets in one secure location, including but not limited to:

  • Passwords
  • Credit cards
  • Bank accounts
  • Documents
  • Photos and videos
  • Secure messages

Is there a cost to using the BVLGARI Vault?

If you wish to use Swiss ultra-secure cloud storage, there is a € 49.99 fee per year that includes:

  • 3GB cloud storage for 1 year
  • Multi-device sync for 1 year
  • Multi-platform support on Android and iOS

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