The roman high jeweler

Bvlgari’s High Jewelry creations are unique works of art centered on the vibrant color, life and light of exceptional gemstones. Earth’s precious natural treasures - the extraordinary gems - have become the signature of the Bvlgari style, each passionately chosen for its charisma and set into unforeseen designs.

A discerning eye for vibrant and precious gemstones, creative color combinations and an unrivaled flair for volume, all infused with a joyful and original design inspired by the magnificent grandeur of Rome. With its singular approach to gems, colors and cuts, as well as its ongoing innovation, Bvlgari has blazed its own creative trail through the world of High Jewelry. The perfect example of its signature style is the gloriously glossy and generously curvaceous cabochon cut, which evokes the imposing domes of Rome.

Known for its passion for exquisite shades, the Roman Jeweler travels the world in search of nature’s most spectacular gemstones. This is the beating heart of Bvlgari. In the pursuit of perfection, the Jubilee Emerald Garden tiara is no exception. Made to celebrate the 2022 Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II, this staggering High Jewelry masterpiece features an incredible 63.44-ct emerald carved with an elegant floral motif.

In Rome’s atelier, expert craftsmanship brings the most complex designs to life, liberating imagination. The exceptional tactility of Bvlgari jewelry demands the highest level of ingenuity and a know how which is very often handed down through generations. From the first sketch to polishing, through stone selection and setting, each step requires by far more than merely technical skills: it is an invisible balance between tradition, innovation and inimitable savoir faire.

Passion, Patience, Perseverance and Pazzia: every Bvlgari jewel bears a perfect rhapsody of these elements. Passion, like the one that ignites Rome’s joyful spirit and that inspires Bvlgari’s designers and artisans. Patience, because finding the right gem requires first of all time. Perseverance, in seeking for the perfect cut, setting and result. And Pazzia: the only “crazy” force that can drive a magical process reaching for ultimate uniqueness.

Bvlgari’s vision of beauty always begins with Rome itself. Architectural designs and opulent volumes, colored stones drawing from the city’s ancient mosaics and gems polished like the smooth surfaces of its epic marble sculptures: each creation echoes Rome’s timeless art and exuberant spirit.