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Our Vision of CSR

Sustainable Development / CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is about balancing social, environmental and economic values into the core strategy and operations of a company, in order to improve management of business risks and opportunities while enhancing long-term social and environmental sustainability. A company's responsibility for its impact on society and the environment is achieved through compliance with relevant legislation and codes of practice, effective management of social, economic and environmental impacts (including ethics, human rights, consumer issues, climate change and constraints on natural resources), and an improved approach to the whole supply chain. For Bulgari, CSR/Sustainable Development means a commitment to improving society's quality of life through a proactive approach to ethical behavior, social and economic development and environmental principles, involving not only our employees but also our customers, the full supply chain and the surrounding community. Bulgari is committed to continuously advancing its ethical, social and environmental performance through the constant improvement of its activity.


In order to strengthen its commitment to ethically conducting its business, taking care of the social and environmental impact for the long term of its activities, Bulgari has created a Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSR) Department. CSR Department coordinates all Bulgari Divisions and Departments in order to promote and integrate responsible practices into business operations.
Moreover, CSR Department assures that LVMH Group social and environmental commitments are properly translated into Bulgari operations worldwide.
Bulgari CSR Management System is composed by three main fields:


Moreover, CSR department has the responsibility to promote Bulgari’s and RJC’s values among the whole supply chains. CSR Department proactively participates to National and International working Groups aiming at defining and improving Supply chain Sustainability Standard.