Fiorever jewelry collection

A Bvlgari flower is like no other. Inspired by the Maison’s favorite muse, Rome, the Fiorever jewelry collection captures the magic and boundless romance of the Eternal City, transforming it into sparkling, naturally elegant creations.

A joyous floral icon

With a name that marries the words “forever” and “fiore”, meaning flower in Italian, the radiant Fiorever jewelry collection celebrates this natural motif as an emblem of happiness and light-hearted spontaneity. Thus is born a timeless symbol of positivity and joy infused with a romantic Bvlgari touch.


A timeless bouquet

Light-hearted spontaneity comes in the form of a single flower pendant or necklace made of dazzling diamond blooms, gracing the neck with radiance and cheer.

From Rome with joy.

Adored by Romans from ancient times until today, the flower has been revered as a symbol of joy and passion, blooming across the city’s cultural landmarks. With Fiorever, Bvlgari brings this four-petal flower to eternal glory, creating a versatile signature motif that shines with the highest quality diamonds and gems.