Beyond Time

An authoritative reference work on the brand’s singular Roman horology and jewelry-inspired creativity, “Bvlgari: Beyond Time” is the product of years of research, authored by the company’s greatest specialists and featuring hundreds of original, captivating illustrations. 

Jewelry watches

“Our women’s high jewelry watches are not part of a ‘decorative’ process. They express the essence of our soul as jewelers.” 


Jean-Christophe Babin - CEO, Bvlgari​


“The combination of a wraparound Tubogas bracelet with a watch dial in the place of the reptile’s head was something entirely new. In this instance, Bvlgari was the first brand to make the serpent watch a pillar of its identity.” ​

Grand Complications

"Products are never just simply products. To each is attached emotions and meanings, from those who create it to those who experience it, and this will always be the case.”

Antoine Pin - Managing director, ​Bvlgari Watches


“[Breaking records] is not easy. You need a clear vision of what you want to achieve and the courage to take on the challenge. You need the right people around you. You need to work really hard. You have to believe in yourself every step of the way.”

Carl Lewis - Track-and-field Athlete​​

Italian design and swiss craftsmanship

“The real concept of less is more is to have more with less: more attention on materials and fewer decorative elements because you have more attention on each single detail.”


Fabrizio Buonamassa Stigliani - Product Creation Executive Director, Bvlgari Watches