Rome has been at the heart of Bvlgari style from the very first creations to those it produces today. An eclectic kaleidoscope of different identities at the epicenter between Eastern and Western cultures, the Eternal City has forever influenced the Bvlgari style with its multifaceted legacy and diverse artistic landscape.

Inspired by the city’s syncretism and majestic beauty, Bvlgari has forged its very own aesthetic language, embracing multiple influences with a curious and open mind.

Bvlgari’s ability to combine gems and motifs in a dynamic interplay of movement, volume and texture comes from Rome, as well as its innate sense of proportion, geometric flair and seamless layering of the past, present and future. Rome also inspired Bvlgari to be able to effortlessly meld references and styles together.

The city’s famed monuments and architectural details are translated into distinctive designs, mosaics and marbles that appear in precious inlays and gem compositions.

The monumental Roman domes find new expression in the smooth and voluminous shape of cabochon-cut stones, while ancient coins take center stage in contemporary and versatile creations. Even its golden light serves as a source of inspiration, with magnificent gem layouts recalling the city's evocative chromatic palette.


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