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Close-up of the Cinemagia High Jewelry Necklace Dolce Vita Colors with emeralds, spinels, sapphires and diamonds.



The Dolce Vita Colors necklace: a taste of the exciting Roman lifestyle. In the years when Rome’s Cinecittà Studios were nicknamed the “dream factory” and Hollywood began to discover the indulgent spirit of the Eternal City, Bvlgari started to shape dreams with unbelievable color combinations and designs bursting with life. A tribute to this incredible moment, the necklace pulsates with Rome’s larger-than-life spirit and Bvlgari’s trailblazing approach to jewelry.

Enchanting Dolce Vita Colors necklace from the Bulgari Cinemagia collection. Discover gems and design.



Earth’s treasures: inner glow and inimitable colour define the character of the fabulous 104 ct emerald drops.



Challenging the intensity and glow of the noble ruby are 56 ct of vivid cabochon-cut spinels: Color is all about personality.



Perfection demands patience and devotion: this impeccable gem setting required more than 800 hours of craftsmanship.

Model wearing two necklaces from the Cinemagia High Jewelry collection with emeralds and tourmalines.

Since the 1950s, Bvlgari has crafted joy and fun using colors. In the fabulous years of La Dolce Vita, the Roman Jeweler began its epic colour revolution, unexpectedly coupling precious gems with colored stones and privileging bold and unconventional cuts over classical shapes. A rule-breaking approach that brings a fresh, vivacious, Roman flair to traditional jewellery and winning the loyalty of the world’s most glamorous women.

Incredible creations come from the expertise and excellence embodied by Bulgari designers and craftsmen.

Bvlgari’s longstanding tradition in mixing precious stones and colored gems is one that still defines the unparalleled style of the Roman Maison. Everything is devoted to pleasing the eye: with more than 100 carats of smooth emeralds warmed up by the sensual glow of spinels, the necklace harmonises different colors and cuts with an unexpected touch of folly. A flawless synergy between the expert hands of the Maison’s stone hunters and the creative vision of its designers.


Passion, Patience, Perseverance and Pazzia: every Bvlgari jewel bears a perfect rhapsody of these elements. Passion, like the one that ignites Rome’s joyful spirit and that inspires Bvlgari’s designers and artisans. Patience, because finding the right gem requires first of all time. Perseverance, in seeking for the perfect cut, setting and result. And Pazzia: the only “crazy” force that can drive a magical process reaching for ultimate uniqueness.