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Barocko Horti Farnesiani High Jewellery yellow gold necklace with cabochon tanzanites, rubellites, emeralds and aquamarines and diamonds

Cabochon Exuberance


A tribute to one of Rome’s most powerful noble families, the Cabochon Exuberance necklace is inspired by the Horti Farnesiani, a spectacular secret heaven in the heart of the Eternal City that hosted luxuriant parties during Baroque. Drawing from the decorative motif of the Palazzo’s scenic façade, Bvlgari envisions a bold jewel, large in proportions, generous in colour and abundant in sophisticated details.

Barocko Cabochon Exuberance High Jewellery yellow gold necklace with cabochon tanzanites, rubellites, emeralds and aquamarines and diamonds.



Each of these spectacular gems could be individually set in stand-alone jewels: with its MAI TROPPO approach, Bvlgari combines them into one amazing necklace, for a daring chromatic explosion.



A triumph of Bvlgari’s most iconic cut, the Cabochon Exuberance necklace boasts 3 tanzanites (180,88 ct), 3 tourmalines (123,98 ct), 4 aquamarines (182,68 ct) and 1 rubellite (32,98 ct), all perfectly smooth and sinuous.



Uniqueness calls for uniqueness: like many individual masterworks, each gem is glorified by an opulent design conjuring the richness and lavish beauty of Baroque architecture.

Peacock with model wearing Barocko High Jewellery necklace and earrings with coloured gems and a Serpenti High Jewellery watch.

Innovating through creativity and know how, Bvlgari blazes new trails in the field of High Jewellery. Eleven cabochon gemstones of exceptional quality, colour and weight are here combined together in one single jewel: a rare gem set put together with patience and determination. The stones’ different shapes and dimensions challenged the craftsmen to find individual technical solutions while keeping a harmonic structure.

Sketch of the Barocko High Jewellery yellow gold necklace and earrings with tanzanites, rubellites, emeralds, aquamarines and diamonds.

Once more reimagining Rome’s unparalleled architectural splendour into a daring and unprecedent jewellery creation, Bvlgari designs richly decorated gold frames embracing every single gem of the piece. A nod to the multi-shaped windows of the Horti Farnesiani, the ornamental motif perfectly combines Bvlgari’s daring sense of beauty, a Baroque inspiration and the ever-extravagant spirit of Rome.

Model wearing the Bvlgari Barocko Green Dream High Jewellery necklace and earrings in platinum with emeralds and diamonds, close up.
Model wearing the Wings of Rome platinum necklace with diamonds from the Bvlgari Barocko High Jewellery collection, Roman background.
Model wearing a Barocko High Jewellery yellow gold necklace and earrings with amethyst and pink tourmaline beads, pearls and diamonds.
Model wearing a Barocko High Jewellery bracelet in platinum with diamonds and a large central emerald, close up shot.
Model wearing a Divas' Dream High Jewellery platinum necklace with diamonds and sapphires, and other jewels from the Barocko collection.