The Serpenti Collection

Born under the sign of exquisite craftsmanship and visionary design, Serpenti has been constantly changing its skin throughout Bvlgari’s infinite explorations in search of beauty. Revealing the countless facets of magnificence with each new appearance, the icon is an emblem of creative freedom, magnetic charm and infinite metamorphosis.

Zendaya leaning on a sofa while wearing a Serpenti Tubogas watch and Serpenti Viper jewellery.
Zendaya leaning on a sofa while wearing Bulgari jewellery.

Unceasing transformation

From the contemporary sophistication of Serpenti Viper jewellery creations to the captivating embrace of Serpenti timepieces, Bvlgari's legendary icon has always inspired women with its irresistible charm. Expressing a sense of freedom beyond time and space, it is a fierce ally for those who explore new realms while staying true to themselves.