Celebrating Nature as an infinite playground, Bvlgari has always revisited the perfect shapes of flowers, plants and leaves distilling its distinctive poetry.Interpreted rather than just emulated, Nature not only delivers a large territory of imagination, it is also the irreplaceable source of Bvlgari’s magnificent gemstones. Cabochon buds in vibrant colours blossom in the fanciful vases of Giardinetto creations. 

Over the decades, the Maison explored its unique motifs and precious colour palette, crafting floral-themed creations such as the famed Tremblant brooches, whose petals vibrate with every movement of the body as if caressed by a gentle breeze.

Gentle flower heads open up with a fresh and spontaneous design. 

In its imaginative garden populated by plants and animals, creativity flourishes between skilful stylisation, chromatic vibrancy and captivating shapes, intensifying the joyful energy of Nature and the enticing magnetism of gems.


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