Always guided by a single-minded pursuit of beauty and a will to experiment, from the late 1970s Bvlgari has continued its ongoing challenge to conventions by bridging the world of prêt-à-porter and jewellery through its signature blend of the formal and causal, classical and contemporary.

In its restless search for innovation, Bulgari’s creative universe embraced materials from industry and fashion, giving life to creations with a distinctive design that could fit both formal and informal occasions. 

As part of this process over the years Bvlgari has dared to introduce in the world of jewellery and watches unexpected materials such as steel, porcelain, silk, wood and marble, adding yet more aesthetic interest as well as blending everyday wearability with avant-garde design.

Such a diverse richness of materiality, which is still a cornerstone of the Bvlgari style, allowed to further play with chromatic contrasts or enhance the tactile allure of creations through a great variety of textures.


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