Since the mid-1950s, Bvlgari has blazed its own creative trail through the world of High Jewellery, revolutionising traditional aesthetic codes with vivacious Italian flair. This genuine style based on vibrant colours and harmonious volumes offered an exciting new choice in a time when the more conservative Paris-led school dominated the market.

The traditional precious triad of rubies, sapphires and emeralds, typically combined exclusively with diamonds, has soon been joined by the vibrant chromatic palette of semi-precious stones like tourmalines, rubellites, garnets and peridots.

In the frame of this endless chromatic research, the smooth and round  cabochon-cut became a favourite choice, and then a stylistic signature of Bvlgari, for its ability to accentuate the materic richness and colour intensity of the gems. 

Each Bvlgari gemstone boasts a distinctive character, a vibrancy and an inner light that sets it apart. Combined into intensely individual compositions and textural harmonies of colour and shine, the earth’s precious treasures are a testament of Bvlgari’s passion for experimentation and discerning eye for beauty.


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